The story of a photographer

As an airline pilot, I’ve been able to travel the world and always had a camera with me, not to take snapshots, but to capture content that I loved.

Adding portraiture to my services has allowed my to explore a new depth to my work. To me, a perfect photo makes the viewer wonder, what are they thinking about. It's an emotion that video or selfies can not capture. It's an artform that many have forgotten about...

My goal is to help you elevate your personal brand; to deliver photographs that express the real you and and make a lasting impression on-line and in real life.

James Magee is an pilot for a major airline in DFW. He started J3 SkyView three years ago as first a drone photographer and expanded into architectural photography and cinematography. His work has been seen in TV advertisements, documentaries, corporate videos and infomercials. He continues working with the real estate industry as well as production companies.