James Magee


In a internet age, how you look is as important as what you say. Do your photos portray your personal brand? With only seconds to make that first impression, what will others learn about you? Will they see you and your interests or duck lips?

I want to help you put together your personal brand photographically. Whether you're an aspiring model or influencer, jobseeker or you want to make memories, let me help get the image you're looking for.

Demystifying PORTRAIT Photography

Face it, besides wedding photos, you've possibly never considered investing in portraits of yourself or your family before. That's what Instagram is for, right?

My goal is to bring professional photography to you in the simplest manner possible. No In Person Sales pitches, no fancy studio with high overhead - just you, me and my camera and a perhaps bunch of lights ;)

First, we'll meet over the phone and discuss what your vision is, or help you refine one. Next, we will make an appointment to meet at a favorite outdoor location or a photography studio. Most sessions will need an hour of your time. In about a week, I'll have your photos uploaded to a private website for you to view at your leisure. From there, you can place your order, from web or full size digital images to wall hangers, all fashoned for the utmost quality.

My normal portrait outdoor sitting fee is $250 which includes web size versions of your photos so you can share your excitement with your friends. the sitting fee is payable in advance as a retainer to hold your appointment time and is not refundable. You may change your appointment time at least 24 hours in advance, since I know that life happens. Basic editing exposure, color, lighting smoothing)is included. If you would like more extensive edits, I use a photo artist to remove any imperfections at a rate of $5 per photo. Order fulfillment is provided by Pixieset and guarantees that you'll be delighted with the quality of their prints.

To save both of us money, I also use professional photography studios that are rented by the hour. I charge an additional $50/hr to cover the studio time.

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